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Wentworth House, Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, HU11 4RX. 01964527246, 07845149124

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Please get in touch for more details. Remember for important functions such as wedding and anniversaries where dates are inflexible please book early.


Our equipment is usually set up so feel free to visit and see for yourselves before committing to book.


Prices start at £100 (for and event at our own venue) and we have special prices for repeat business.


Our prices reflect where the function is, to cover transport costs, how much equipment is required, to cover setup and hire costs and the duration of the event and when it is (e.g. New year / Halloween  prices are negotiated).


For example: a simple sing-along session in Hornsea for 4 hrs (8pm-12pm) would cost: £145.


A full disco / karaoke in Withernsea for 5 hrs (8pm -1am) would cost £195.


We accept all major credit cards.





01964 527246

Mobile 07845149124





Wentworth House
Seaside Road


East Yorkshire

HU11 4RX