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Wentworth House, Aldbrough, East Yorkshire, HU11 4RX. 01964527246, 07845149124

All of our equipmet is PAT tested and we have PLI insurance. Certificates are available on request.

Our Equipment

Sound and light



The Behringer Amp mixer is the heart of the Karaoke. 12  inputs make it suitable for small bands. Built in effects make voices sound just like the ‘real’ thing (especially if you’ve had a few to drink). We have a second amp as backup.


Our two roaming microphones have a good range. We also have two othe microphones as backup.


We use a combination of computers and the traditional CD mixing decks for the DJ element.



We have various lights to suit the size of the venue.

Lights include: DMX controlled par 56's, Green Laser, Venda, Strobes, Marvel Led, Skytech Helios used in various combinations to suit the size of venue. A Fog Machine can also be hired.


Behringer AMP/ Mixer, AKG roaming mikes, Light Controller,  Light rig